lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

Dear Readers and literature fanciers

Dear readers, 

     Firstly appologize for my long term delay on writing, I have been experiencing some difficulties which had prevented me from my devoted blog writing, devoted to you my readers. 
     As I stated some months ago, I hade the honour of having my latest novel published in Spanish: Un Átomo para la Vida y un Fotón para la Eternidad; for this reason I just want to thank you deeply that you for your support, withou which I would not have been able to have my dream become true. 
     All the best my readers; 

This story is about a modern woman with a dark past which shows up to kill her spirit and her beloved ones ;)

Un Átomo para la Vida y un fotón para la Eternidad

Mª Estefanía Avilés Mariño

Un Átomo para la Vida y un fotón para la Eternidad

Casandra no es capaz de entender la oscuridad que se cierne sobre ella, pero de ello depende la supervivencia de los que mas quiere.
Formato: 12 x 19 cm
Número de páginas: 230
ISBN: 978-84-9039-670-4
Fecha publicación: 18.09.2013

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  1. I'm your secret fan. I would like to read it. Im looking for your book but by the moment I couldn't find it in libraries.

    As your first fan I would like to meet you face to face, Is it possible?


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