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Hush Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick 

Becca Fitzpatrick has conveyed in this thrilling and heart-striking novel one of the best written and plotted works I have ever read. Mixing paranormal, mystic and contemporary sceneries, with round and strong characters and keeping the hanger-cliff chapter after, chapter until the very end of the very end of the script.

Nora lives with her mother in a big and isolated house, lonely and strongly independent after the slaughter-death of her father. After several years during which she and her mother have been capable of establishing a routine, Nora spends most of her time looking after her studies and dealing with her thoughtless-crazy best friend Vee.

One day, her biology teacher decides to assign a new working classmate to Nora, a young, enigmatic, mysterious and dangerous boy who burst in her life turning everything upside down. His name is Patch, and very strange things start to happen just before he enters her life, somebody with a balaclava seems to want her death and she begins to experiment strange hallucinations.

Moreover, Vee seems to be very interested in introducing a new boy in Nora’s life, Elliot, who seems to be related to an assassination and seems to be very interested in Nora.

While the plot evolves, the reader begins to be suspicious about everybody and nothing seems to be what it looks like. But Nora is very intelligent and brave, and finally would unscramble the enigmas hidden inside her life and the evil that hunts her.

I deeply recommend this novel; it belongs to a promising saga, urbanfantasy and paranormal-romance with an exquisite plot and fine expressiveness.

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