lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

Hourglass Claudia Gray

CLAUDIA GRAY "Hourglass" “DESPEDIDA” (libro #3 de la saga de medianoche)

despedida de claudia gray

Claudia Gray has overcome in this new Midnight’s series’ volume one of the most overwhelming paranormal thrillers I have ever come through.

Bianca, a semi-vampire semi-phantom girl, has escaped from his vampire family and Academy to follow her beloved Lucas, a vampire hunter who is trying to hide Bianca’s nature to his own family.

Bianca has to face being immersed in an atmosphere in which vampires are considered to be less than humans, evils which should be killed, but she, and now Lucas, knows that there are good vampires which should not be harmed. But this is something Luca’s gang would not understand and even knowing Bianca’s nature would put her life in danger. This is the reason why Lucas and Bianca have to obtain the necessary resource to start a life of their own, with no vampires, no phantoms, no hunters, just the two of them.

Things get worst when Baltazar is captured by Luca’s gang and Charity, Baltazar’s sisters reveals her intentions of transforming Bianca into a full vampire. Moreover, phantoms threaten Bianca and her future visions can not reveal the worst which is just to happen.

Love is threatened every second, and life is just a privilege which could be lost at any second…

Cliff Hanger, hearthening, moving and exciting, this paranormal romance is one of the essentials of the genre congratulations Mrs Gray!!!!

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