viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

urban fantasy

Urban Fantasy

Witches and wizards,
In the darkness of the night;
The elevated flames of fire
Bring to my window a vampire;
So bright, so white,
That I could admire;
In the coldest moonshine
Appears the wolverine,
Howling loud and fine;
A doppelganger shivers,
Hidden in the shadows that glimmer;
Pixies, fairies and sprites,
Stir the fears and freeze the cries;
An elf against a troll,
Beauty fights evilness,
Wisdom faces mischief,
But that makes me not leave;
A gnome summons an ogre,
What other things could appear more?
Demons and vours,
Ghosts, spirits, poltergeists,
Reapers, succubus and incubus,
Which bring death and doom to us;
But there will always be and Angel,
To keep us safe and well,
To deliver us from hell,
And to keep magic, casts and spells
All inside the novels we tell.

By Oberon Titania; all rights reserved;

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