sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

true love

Two miles away,
Away from where you stay,
Away this day;
Here, now and then
I could see your face,
Without any trace;
I put myself through pace:
What could I do,
Where could I go,
What must I pay;
To bring you close to me
To let us just see
The peace of those days
When nobody on us blames
My prince, my love, my gentleman
My saviour my husband
I look for you but I can’t see you
I search for you but I can’t feel you.
I pile of letters non-answered letters
A tone of non-answered calls
The despair that follows;
But here you are again
That overwhelming feeling
With no suffering
With no tearing;
It’s so happy to see
That I still could feel
Sincere true love for thee

Oberon Titania all rights reserved

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