domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

A Bite to Remember

Hello to everybody; today I bring you the review of one of the cutest books I have ever read. I am referring to A Bite to Remember, by Lynsay Sands. For those who have read other books in the saga, this new volume would come to reinforce the key aspects which dominate Sands’ literature, it consists on a melange of: Paranormal romance (the main characters are vampires and humans), chick lit (there is always a moral and useful lesson to learn) and thriller (there is something a mystery to unveil).

For those who have not read any of these lovely books, let me give you some feedback: this saga is based on the the Argeneau family members; the three previous volumes tell the story of Marguerite’s sons and daughters and how the found their “eternal mates”; and this volume is based on Vicent Argeneu’s story, the cousin of the latter’s. But let’s jus begin with the origins these vampires. There are lots of versions, and many novels, which give various explanations to the origins of vampires as a species; but the case with which we are dealing with, is one of the most strange cases I have ever come through: according to Sands’ the origin of vampires is based on the Atlántida’s civilization, who design a special type of nanochips which enable their hosts to develop special qualities, such as strength, longevity and the ability of reading and controlling minds. One of the key aspects in these novels relays on the fact that each vampire should find their “eternal mate” with whom they should share all their lives and who represents the only creature they would not be able to control or dominate.

After this brief description of the necessary feedback, let us face this new volume in the saga. Vicent Argeneu has been suffering some strange attacks to his business, employees and colleagues; he is afraid that something worse could happen as one woman, one of his employees, has just suffered a serious “accident”. Apart from tat, Vicent is receiving some threatening letters and his family feels extremely worried about it. Finally, Jackie, a human private detective, and her collaborator Tiny, are sent to investigate the case. Jackie is accustomed to working with vampires, but she is prevented from having a close relationship with them, as a consequence of a past a terrible relationship with a manipulative vampire called Cassius.

At first, Jackie misjudges Vicent and behaves coldly with him, but, after coexisting with him some weeks; attraction begins to grow in her. Vicent is a nice and respectful vampire, aware of the importance and necessities of humans, and very, very handsome.

Marguerite Argeneu, arrives to introduce the “comic” effect of the “mate-matcher”; as she is worried for his nephew, Vicent, who has stopped eating and meeting people, because he is getting bored of life.

The action rises when Stephano Notte, the vice-president of Vicent’s company is nearly killed. Jackie would do her best to help him but, how could she concentrate of doing her job when the lovely vampire Vicent is seducing her?

I really recommend this book to anybody who wants to have a great time. Some of the aspects which make me consider this book as chick lit is the fact that, there is an indirect reference to the importance of feeding oneself, not just eating a little bit to keep skinny and unhealthy, but eating the necessary to be able to work, thing and enjoy life. I thing this is an extremely moving message for nowadays society in which unhealthy and skinny women are presented as the “ideal of beauty”.

Other of the key elements which makes me urge you to read this book, is the incredibly polished way in which it is written, in which the author caches the reader’s attention, with a fluent literature, easy to read and which makes you feel literally inside the action.

Nice reading to everyone ;)

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