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Actrices que represenataran a Renesmee ;)
Recap Of The Actresses Cast To Play Renesmee Cullen in “Breaking Dawn”
Although we haven’t had confirmation from Summit Entertainment yet, rumors are rampant about the little girls who are cast to play Renesmee Cullen at various ages in the Breaking Dawn movie. According to these are the girls who have been picked so far:

Mackenzie Foy: Mackenzie was confirmed by Stephenie Meyer back in October, 2010 to play the role of Renesmee Cullen.

Rachel St. Gelais: Rachel is six years old and known for her work in ‘The Blind Side’ & ‘The Shunning.’ She is rumored as one of the various Renesmee actresses.

Sierra Pitkin: Sierra is known for her role in ‘Juno’ and is another one of the rumored Renesmee’s in Breaking Dawn.

Eliza Faria: Eliza is currently listed as ‘little Renesmee’ on her IMDb page.
There is also a rumored ‘flash forward’ scene in Breaking Dawn that will show Renesmee Cullen as a teenager. We will keep you updated on all the rumored actresses cast to be part of the Renesmee character

 Bill Tangradi (who plays Randall, an American nomadic vampire).

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