domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

The Better Part of Darkness


Full description for The Better Part of Darkness

  • When the doorways to two alternate dimensions, dimensions that mankind has come to know as "heaven" and "hell" for lack of better names, become permanently open in the city of Atlanta, the Atlanta Police Department finds itself needing to restructure. Creating a separate division, the Integration Task Force, to deal with the new element of chaos introduced into the city Charlie Madigan is one of these new cops. She's a complicated woman, a single mom, a cop and a demon hunter. She's also recently died and risen from the dead, something that nobody seems to be able to explain to her. To make her life more complicated, her ex-husband, who inadvertently caused her death, is back in her life and she's not entirely sure she wants him to go away again. When Atlanta falls under the terrifying shadow of Afterglow, a drug of otherworldly origins, Charlie takes it upon herself to find its source and a possible antidote stop it in its track even as heaven and hell itself stand in her way.

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